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    Extempo we EXTEMPOING

    Wheyyyyy, Its good to see dis thread still alive after all dese yrs since Sando post here.
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    Its favorite song for 2K7

    Dred like yuh 4get Jouvert morning when we was in crisis cuz there was a rum shortage and yuh bless up Sando wit some rum from yuh cup:drinks:
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    Its favorite song for 2K7

    Dahlin, Normal. Yuh know thru all de changing times dat society goin thru Sando go always remain de same. But yea, Slaughter buss ah nice tune dis yr, "up in dat" was cool, but spread de love have ah better vibes to it. Is a real song fuh de "real" soca lovers worldwide. Normal "cuz we are...
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    Its favorite song for 2K7

    Dred, normal. That song was de real scene, it aint hit Sando on de frist listen like by de 3rd listen sando was singing and ting.
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    This picture gives me goosebumps...

    HA!!! ready fuh when u say? 2k8 be prepared to march thru de streets again, doh study it. It was de real order dis yr.
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    Happy Birthday Sando dahlin:

    SANDO thanks all for the warm Birthday wishes.
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    What did you learned this year

    Sando learned, hmmmmmmmmm what did Sando learn... :dntknw: RIGHT!!!! There is a fete greater than insomnia GP VIP was hardcore in comparisson to general Its great being single Doh hold nuttin back. yea, well normal:drinks:
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    To all of the SALYBIA crew...Who like the JW Blue...

    Salt man, sando thinks the better resolution is if u pay Sando. We done know brownskin dunno how to stay quiet.
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    To all of the SALYBIA crew...Who like the JW Blue...

    Robber my boy, u have truly disapointed Sando. Sando would think that a man of your aptitude would be able to see the truth behind it all. Sando will give u a peek behind the veil.... A friend told Sando a month ago when Sando spoke of Panaorama in the Southland, "You have dreams of grandeur."...
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    All-Inclusive Fetes

    Depends on ur tolerence, sando usually loses count by the 7th or 8th. As long as de bar still serving. Well as de food goes, depends on wha dey have serving. Took home some bake & shark b4 to eat on de road home.
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    Rapid Rail In Trinidad

    Phase 1 is going to be the East-West Corridor, then later they going to do a North-South. Its either going to be a rapid rail or monorail
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    Male Carnival Preparations

    De Only Prep Sando Mekkin Fuh De Carnival Is To Make Sure Dat De Woodshed Is Completely Gone.