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  • I'm a new user here, but a while back, I came across a post you made where you shared a link from, which is no longer a working website, to a Chinese reggaeton song. I had it briefly, but lost it. The song hasn't been available online for many years. I was wondering if you were able to download it while Odeo was a working website and most importantly, if you have it. If so, can you please send it to me at That would be great!
    Hey notorious saga, Happy Birthday!!!! I hope lots of blessings, health, strength and continued wisdom will come your way. Enjoy your day and your lovely family.
    Well I use to take them out to the park sometimes and go walking with the stroller but I usually try to avoid going outside too much with the baby, he can really drive me crazy at times with the crying. I took him to the grocery store one time and had a real scene with the crying, at that time he was teething though - everyone was coming up to me asking me what's wrong, I really hate unwanted attention and try to avoid certain places that's far away from home that way any drama starts I could jump in my car and take them back home. he loves the computer watching kiddy videos and watching music on youtube - that would keep him quiet for hours. there's alot of things I could do with them but I can't handle stress my whole day at work is already full of stress so I try my best to do stress free activities. my wife was on FMLA with him for 3months at home so he got really attached to her.
    I was going to post this in your thread but I say nahhh it will take the thread in a different direction too much.

    Chew on this a moment:

    Is there a routine you could do with the kids off and on when you are with them? Rest and relaxation is cool but do you think you need additional workout for fitness, health, despite getting a workout out going up and down with the kids?
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