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  • Yes I'll admit it I'm not a rocket scientist or Albert Einstein or a genius,but in the future references if i make a mistake in a forum,be specific in the mistake i make ,don't give me clues to figure what i did wrong.not all minds think a like. and plus English is a hard language, there people born in the u.s. can't speak and write proper English, and there people born in foreign countries that don't speak English , speak better English than ones who where born in the u.s.

    The End. !!!!!
    I come from and English and Creole speaking country boss and it's because I know that words are placed differently in french creole, I was knew your statement diddn;t make sense. I brought it to your attention but instead you chose to become defensive and telling me shit about my country's motto.

    You're so simple
    hello nica, i wasn't getting defensive on the thread what i wrote-i just didn't understand where you was coming from, I LEAVE GOD IN THE HANDS OF HAITI -since you come from a second dialect speaking French-creole country i would assume out everybody you would understand what i wrote since you're the one who bought it to my attention
    , well i guess not, because you do really come from a English speaking country instead of French-creole speaking country. in terms in Haitian creole we might say stuff differently like use the English verbs and nouns differently .or put words in front of each other that supposed to be put back of the words we are explaing

    well any how ,
    i just came here to say what i had to say.
    hi nica! i come from guadeloupe, i'm fabien.
    can we check?
    if u want zouk i can send to u by msn! check me deh!
    big up.
    Hi Nica.

    are you going to Antigua for the carnival this summer ,.. if so.. tell me how great the carnival; .
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