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    Trump Backing up The Big Talk....saving 1k Jobs at Carrier

    This! They said people weren't listening to them, and so they vote for the person who is going to make them poorer. SMH
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    The non supporters of Trump, how allyuh feel now ?

    I know I cried when they made the announcement. Then he started backtracking everything he was for during the campaign season. Let's not even get started on his cabinet. I just know that I am staying far far away from downtown for his inauguration. I'm still on the fence about attending the...
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    Accomplishing Goals-- WRITE THEM DOWN!

    I did a vision board this year, and so far I'm remaining on track especially in regards to my career path. I took a picture of it, but I'm not sharing it on here.
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    *Random Thoughts Thread Volume V*

    talk about a come up
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    do any women post in backchat anymore....?

    Hey Hun! Same to you
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    Crapo Nose Richard.....Now That This Place Dead An Gone.....

    :read: things slow at work. Just do everything in chronological order.
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    Is The Recovery Real

    I know a few people who do, and that's because they use it as money to earn to be able to live life. You know with the main job paying bills, and then uber/lyft money is for them to be able to splurge/save for vacations. Shoot I even thought about doing it, but then that would mean I would have...
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    Cuba, allyuh have any interest in going ?

    I wouldn't mind at least seeing the place to at least see how everything is down there.
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    do any women post in backchat anymore....?

    *peeks in* Happy New Year....*turns around to leave*
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    RHOA...season 8 *****

    Surprised as in I just wouldn't see her as being the violent type. She even said so herself that she was shocked by her actions, and that wasn't how she usually reacts to situations like that. Yeah Kim Fields definitely isn't a match for this group.
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    Aww, that's not good. Did you at least go to a restaurant or to someone's house for dinner? It was a nice one, I guess you could say low key. I guess mainly because I had to work the next day. I didn't shop either, just spent time with the little person since she came with me to work. We were...
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    RHOA...season 8 *****

    Maybe that will spice everything up because they're relying too much on Kenya to stir the pot. If Sheree was supposed to be the Nene replacement, they need to get her story going.
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    RHOA...season 8 *****

    I still watch it, and yes I agree that Don Juan is a messy one. That whole boat incident this week. SMH I guess the drinks were really flowing with Cynthia. I would've never expected her to act that way.
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    I was your holiday?