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    Didnt you read the message under my signature????? You kidding me? I drinking alcohol and i limiting my ice cubes? What i have to drink it out in like .45 seconds too. Do i need to swallow slower with each mouthful???? hahahahahahaha stupse
    ur skills on point sorry i cant put dem to the test. Ok after u reach ciroc i lost what da eff you talking bout? ciroc? diddy? alkey? bloody hell :kicks
    punch is only fuh select sundays not everyday or suh. You are holding up the finger dat you stick where the sun doesnt shine on yourself. How u holding up finger and still typing???? Damn dese imix women got mad skills.

    Wha kind vodka u drinking? absolut?
    Your page NEEDS colour :rofl: hahahahahahaha
    And you come up wid lilac?
    why I feel like tela-tubbies going run across the screen:kicks

    Hey fam, everything is cool right now. Just taking in the last couple of weeks before I have to go back to working with the kids.
    Bago you're never around, not even on myspace!!! How are things going with you?
    Rasta rub on my nephew for me!
    Whats up mama. Hope everything is blessed with you and the fam. Just passing my round self thru your page. LOL
    Hey Jaze, how's family life babes? i just here giving yuh ah shout and ting so hope all is best since long time i ent seeing yuh, be cool babes, 1
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