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    aww ok. Thumbs up @ respect.

    Never straying!
    Yes and i also see that u are cheating on her. I be taking sneak peeks because i am at work and the Queen isnt always fully clothed so i doh have much time to click "LIKE".. lol i will after 4.30 lol
    The last 2 pics showing a red X dahlin
    smh the audacity of these people. I did click report too..and dat damn NIca sabatoged it!

    I will fight u for her u know..

    juss an FYI

    a nice read Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

    click and it gets bigger

    Naomi and a bit about photography Naomi Campbell on Herb Ritts at the Getty Museum - LightBox i know you're interested in both

    PS she's coming to you soon on tv. The Face a show where she coaches model hopefuls
    no problem, so glad u enjoyed it. I've much luv for Rose too, I was fortunate enough to meet her as a teen but even at that time I probably didn't grasp as I do now how much determination she had to accomplish what she did then when she got there jus expand her mind and keep giving.

    Re pm box I'm so lazy and I keep getting carried to a dead page after i delete too.
    for some reason i like these DV by Dolce Vita Mini Cheetah - Free Shipping BOTH Ways

    could look nice with ankle trousers, bermuda shorts, a tan dress, or a casual lbd for summer
    haven't shopped there but funny enough these r in my amazon wishlist. Yep I like em. btw DC filmfest has a movie on calypso rose its Jun1-Jun3 I'm guessing the info will be on afi silver website.
    np, plus Dance Africa DC coming up DanceAfrica, DC 2012 | Dance Place
    Hai! thought this may interest u The Best Daily Deals in Washington, D.C. - 918 F Street - Three-Hour Photography Class
    yep good bag/accessories/jewelry selection, shoes were nice but not too much my style. some designer items clotheswize Chloe, Gucci, Tory Burch, J Brand, Vince Camuto, Kate Spade, Tahari etc. Beauty section stocked. Browsed didn't go deep into the racks it was crowded but still very orderly they have a lot of staff on hand.

    TJ Maxx DC - TJ Maxx Store Openings
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