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  • Hey you see Google is celebrating your girl Celia Cruz on their landing page today !
    Your Godessa
    unless you have skyliving
    The Face UK epi 1 GorillaVid - Just watch it! click continue to vid ignore popups
    The Face UK epi 2 Private Video on Vimeo password: SEANOPRY55
    No Problem babes...I can stay on there all day! It has inspired me to go and take some photos around town...did you get a chance to see the street art exhibit at the Corcoran, " Pump Me Up: D.C. Subculture of the 1980" ? It ended yesterday
    yep pretty much

    i found this reflection cityscape photography reflections of paris by joanna lemanska - because im addicted

    one pic even combines the reflections and leading lines
    politics of fashion Fashion Discussion: What's Wrong with a Little Diversity? - The Fashion Bomb Blog : Celebrity Fashion, Fashion News, What To Wear, Runway Show Reviews
    it will be interesting to see how the site changes in the future. Funny that its these same issues black organizations had to decide on in the civil rights era assimilate, segregate, coexist?
    you wonder if they're sounding the death knell like the whole supermodels are over, disco is over movements... as they said sometimes things become such ridiculous caricatures of themselves its to their own demise. Yet, I also see it like the blogger explosion that resulted in a democratizing of fashion now the distaste for anyone with a camera showing up lends itself to elitism. Who is good enough to photograph, who is stylish enough to be photographed and dont be mistaken that top editors aren't 'peacocking' as much or even more than the unknowns. It may impode at some point due to the over-saturation of the images 10 sites 100 sites all have the same shot there are few outlets disseminating the images with a unique perspective and that may contribute to a boredom and waning of interest that may kill it or simply return it to 'the old days'.
    TAKE MY PICTURE on Vimeo

    interesting a short on the streetstyle phenom
    holy crap!! Just saw.. Gosh mannnnn
    I'm in Trini boo boo. Sorry for the delay. Goin now
    I didnt scroll up high enough... ooopsss
    I shall, pms been full for a while now i've just been too lazy to clean it out.
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