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    Do immigrants push their children too much ? First link I heard the list of Rhodes scholars came out and I think 10 are black ; I happen to read at least of the 10 are children of immigrants ; one...
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    50 Years of Carnival on Eastern Parkway....

    last night I hung out with some friends I have known forever And we ended up at nice backyard party playing best calypso and reggae Awesome vibes ....
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    Anyone else sick of them trying to impeach Trump or CNN's Breaking News......?

    trump is sucking up all the oxygen in universe And yes I'm sick of cnn and MSNBC , I guess all of news trump trump trump But then again it's what reporters do... The shit he does really cannot be not reported or ignored..... But white folk and black folx are rallying against" EXTREME...
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    50 Years of Carnival on Eastern Parkway....

    As I have matured lol , I am not in th thick of things but I still enjoy the Brooklyn carnival vibes , our people, music , Women You bring a great point on " haters" and yep it still going strong I remember the year I joined the camoflage band All the other times witnessing the mixing of...
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    OJ got his Parole today !

    white ppl are a trip making this a live tv event .. wtf but oj i s a trip , seem like he almost talked himself into being denied paroled he couldda just stfu - but he was going on about he should mot have followed the people and it was his stuff and he never had been in confrontations i...
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    Grace jerk festival in queens 2017

    Cool vibes. news reports over 15k in attendance my first time attending and i was really impressed with the sponsor and arrangements. all acts showed up on the schedule time allison hinds, konshense barrington levy morgan heritage all this for $35.00
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    So what allyuh doing for 2017, travel, moving, getting married , new job

    have not made any definitive plans - back to montreal for Jazzfest in early july - thinking of st lucia - few long weekend trips to maine, CT, RI, DC - a cruise -
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    How allyuh feel this Trump thing will play out ?

    Trump kept American press out of meeting with Russians; he only allowed Russians with "equipment" :russian::russian::russian::russian: "equipment " was equipped with tape recorders :ph34r:
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    How allyuh feel this Trump thing will play out ?

    Putin offers transcript of Trump meeting with Lavrov - Putin offers transcript of Trump meeting with Lavrov Moscow (CNN)Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered to provide a transcript of a controversial Oval Office meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian Foreign...
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    How allyuh feel this Trump thing will play out ?

    The mans mental health status is regularly discussed..... His reported biz success has not transferred to the political North Korea is shooting missiles like fireworks on July 4 th Him and his surrogates lie daily .. They have admittedly " alternative facts " Wtf
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    How allyuh feel this Trump thing will play out ?

    I can't even pretend to think I know how this will play out I can expect anything now
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    Trump fires FBI director James Comey

    Wait , so before this you ain't know trump is " dumbest douchbag ever" But it's not only that it's his tweet after that about comey better hope there is no tape of conversations.... It's amazing how much time and energy is spent in media on what an azzhole he is.... White folx and some...
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    Brooklyn, New York all that Still Holding it Down in The Greatest City

    Great thread !!! Need some time to play and read above posts I landed in da Bronx Lived in Brooklyn short periods of time ...... Partied a lot in Bklyn ......Miss it sometimes I would not say "blacks fvcked up bklyn " There is the Caribbean foot print on bklyn Big up south queens St...
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    Why are ppl surprise at what President Trump is doing ?

    Yes, a lot of people thought he would "pivot" and they still waiting... the longest rope has an end.... as much as he seem to defy all odds sometimes a straw to break the camels back I have NO fvcking idea how this will play out !!!! I think his latest prayer bkfast madness to talk...
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    Why are ppl surprise at what President Trump is doing ?

    If not for his daughter and SIL Trump would have repealed OBAMA pro LGBT exec orders to please the "evangelicals" - I think Swaggerfic is just trolling with his pro trump posts Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner worked to sink LGBT order - POLITICO Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump helped lead...