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    Woman blocks model from approaching her man

    :kicks:...LOVE IT!! that's what she gets!
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    who now is the Queen or new Queen of Soca ?

    Machel is the Queen of Soca...thought that was widely known..
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    #Selfie Pics ...

    where'd all the pics go? and how can I delete mine?
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    Bed-Stuy Gentrification , it is a wrap !

    the story of Blks in DC...from Georgetown, to Capitol on to to Simple City... has always been...sad
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    Bed-Stuy Gentrification , it is a wrap !

    Lord What happened to you?
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    Jamaicans come een please

    this doesn't help those of us that do not have facebook accts any longer
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    Jamaica on the world stage again....carnival! talk and brag on being African...but this is important?...its alittle:headbang...but other than that..lets see carnival pics..
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    so...what did I miss?

    Carlos is insane and has been allowed to run loose without meds
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    Blacks in NYC , especially BK are now Marginalized !

    better buy if you can...bk bout to be the manhattan of the 70's, 80's ...
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    Uber is coming to T&T. I really don't know about this, I don't think it will work.

    Section 48:50 of the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act states: "No person shall drive on any road a taxi registered as such unless he is the holder of a taxi driver’s licence issued to him by the Licensing Authority under these Regulations." there it is!!!!...the government will be allllll in...
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    Who Do You Think Will Win The Debate? Trump vs Clinton

    [QUO<script id="gpt-impl-0.1494306407454109" src=""></script>TE=socapineman;4574137]Outside of your personal attack......she has all right to back whoever she feels like ......... Can't the same argument be made against Hillary....that...
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    Who Do You Think Will Win The Debate? Trump vs Clinton

    hold up!!! QUEEN of reggae? like...seriously? anyway...she is a dumb ass
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    Movie Bazodee

    the trailer looks cheeeeezy!...but I will check it out, might be a surprise piece of nice.