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  • Happy Birthday Lindsey! I wish you a nice day today and I hope this year will be one where you have good health, strength, and lots of positive things will happen in your life. Take care.
    yes , pretty well . I understand he said .
    my friend who came here from the US also has been studying japanese and we talk sometimes in japanese ^^
    He said that ..
    " Hi, everybody , long time no see .. yes, that's was long time .
    how are you , I'm good . I've been thinking I could use japanese just like japanese .. but sorry my japanese is not that good .
    I went to Hiroshima to my friend for meeting of job . I really want to be here japan .. just wondering I could or not but I do the best to stay and live in japan .
    also I went to Tokyo . Tokyo was very hot place , I like a lot .. I wish I could get job and live in Tokyo .."
    like that thing ^^
    ok.. tat would be nice .... good luck !!
    many japanese men are skinny .. you like ??
    ok, I did that on Monday ..
    you do ? nice you have a boyfriend ! ... must be cute^^
    oh... what are cute question !
    date with somebody who I like , but just keep from it for rest .
    dont you think sometimes dating makes you get tired than what you expect ...
    so. .. come here japan . you can see young boys like them anywhere ^
    She aid that...

    Hi, ..japanese might not know me , I'm 15 and born in Yokosuka . mother is japanese and father is African -American . I'm fan of Kuri..( sorry, not sure who Kuri is . ) my father met her and talked a bit ... oh.. I dont like my hair now ..

    like this thing
    one of big events of reggae here. I've never been there before though..
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