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  • Happy Birthday! I wish you a lovely remainder of today and I wish you good health, strength, wisdom and happiness. Take care.
    Just wait until she gets to be one+ then you'll really have your work cut out for you. I miss talking to you too, but I'm rarely on myspace these days. No point since everyone is on there just for spammings sake.
    Hey miss... how's the baby doing? I wish you and your new family all the best... much love

    God Bless!
    forgive me rasta queen....mi neva see the visitor message yuh did send me! lol...these new features take getting used to lol
    aye, you're dilating already????'s only a matter of time!!! i pray you have a good, healthy delivery and when the lil one makes it's presence... PICS!!!!! :D

    ah gehin excited! LOL
    thats fa a daddies grl I have one of those we call her the caucasian princess....:kicksshe's the oldest and does still act like she is daddies little babygrl I dont get into that mix-up
    yuh know, i would say not to rush it eh. before you know it she will be a grown woman and you'll be saying "i remember when..." lol
    Everyting Everyting...Mine ya face get stuck
    Is it me you're looking for? :music:
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