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    VOTE TRUMP for President

    Don't be fooled by Bernie and his free stuff or let BloomGirl buy yuh VOTE :russian:
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    Hello IMIX

    What's new :pig_ball:
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    Its my first time back in yrs
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    Lol ��
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    Trump and America's Border

    No comment
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    Wake up
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    Looking for ah WIFE

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    Venezuela: The Fire Nextdoor.

    Imix for years LOVE de clowns who run Venezuela
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    Closeness between Cousins of the Opposite Sex

    You bullin yuh cousin ?
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    Which island has the lowest obesity rate?

    Brooklyn/Long Island NY
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    Pastors in pastors specificially re: donald trump

    LOL shame on these guys , Not Rev Al gets ah pass
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    Who has done more for Blacks in America, Republicans or Democratic?

    All lies , The republicans are racist