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  • dem fraid yuh call dem rat lol. Atlantis is a big band this year was it first year and had almost 700 revellers. Dem bands cost about 425ec to about 550 ec, but some bands have VIP sections dat cost a lil more. 1us= 2.67 ec. There is water fet, outrageous in red, colour me red, mas on the square every day de week before monday & tuesday. But we eh have as much fetes like lets say as BIm but every year de carnival is getting much bigger . Dey got some small hotels/guest houses dar might be really cheap. But i'm sure next yr dey go have some more fetes and ting as well. how long yuh planning to stay?
    AJB you sposed to go write dat on Ank wall anyways how she does be profile stalkin i'm sure she will see it still
    Thanks for asking and I'm ok. then glad to know you are having a good day.
    mean of my name ? anko and Antigua , I like them the best.

    and your name's mean ????????????
    hello ank. was your question: Am I having a good day? Yes I am. How is your day going? What does Ank mean?
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