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  • Is TTFA a regulatory body? if so how are they responsible for a national sports team?
    such a b-r-a-t. oh gosh and i'm now seeing that your bday is so close to mine. booooooo
    mainly tuesday... the weekend before is the best time to celebrate though IMO...like this year i didn't even stay for MG day...just went down there for the weekend.
    lol i mean the Indians still do perform during mardi gras... but it's not as popular as they made it seem on Treme.

    sorry ya got your hopes up **Shrug**

    i haven't seen the Indians perform in years though. i should see them next year

    it was fun... beads and alcohol. we don't really do the mas thing. some people dress up in costumes and such (white folks basically)

    other than that...most parades are just floats...marching bands... and baton twirlers

    when are u changing your avatar? it upsets my tummy....
    i've been able to overlook it... but no such luck anymore
    hey whats the name of the song by machel i saw you had as your status? " Down Tuh D Grung Tuh D Grung Tuh D Grung Again......Liff It Up Liff It Up Liff It Up Again" Song rel wikked! Would appreciate the help!
    I think you are friend of Dutty .
    I'm missing him , could you pass this to him.. please.
    they have the full episodes??

    quick ques where are the archived express newspapers? I trying to read yesterdays paper i don't know how to find it.
    hey friday night lights back on nbc but i think it was showing on cable somewhere for a while . Can you tell me what happened in between then and now cos I suspect they not showing the back episodes
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