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    Exclusive offer ... Miami Carnival Hotel Special at the Eden Roc

    Stay at the Eden Roc Resort With Soca Tours Miami Carnival 2k6 is here! Vacation in style at the Renaissance Eden Roc... a Marriott Resort. Room Rate: $129 plus tax per night based on double occupancy Call us today to reserve your room! We only have 50 rooms at this special rate and...
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    Roll Call for Fresh Fete Fridays in DC

    Soca Tours crew will be there to represent Brooklyn. Nuff respect to the producers of Fresh Fete Fridays. Keep our culture alive.
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    Miami Carnival 2005 Hotel List Following Soca Music and Caribbean Carnivals Worldwide! Miami Carnival 2005 Hotel List Rates are per room for the duration of Friday, 10/07/05 – Monday, 10/10/05 · Marriott Fairfield Inn $276 · Deauville Beach Resort $326 · Circa39 Hotel $363...
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    Destra as soca queen

    Soca was born in Trinidad and belongs to anyone who claims it as their own. Its this same mentality that is keeping it where it is. (NOWHERE) Destra is a Queen in her own right just as Allison, Denise and Faye-Anne. Anyone who is bold enough to say she is not a good entertainer is out of...
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    Mia Carnivale Appreciation Fete

    every one is invited to celebrate with us Please be a part of our celebration
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    Miami Carnival hotel preview

    new and improved check out the site... and don't forget to sign the guest book!!!!:fyah
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    Miami Carnival
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    miami carnival hotel accomodations
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    Fly to Miami Carnival with Big and Strong !!

    when u get to miami.... check out for a place to stay!!!! love everytime!
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    Miami Carnival hotel preview

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    Miami Carnival hotel preview

    update Miami Carnival Hotel Rates 2003 All Resorts are conveniently located on Collins Ave Between 14th & 52nd St. Prices Start @ $36.00/person per night based on double occupancy. (2 people in a room) Call us for details!_ Resort DESCRIPTION...
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    DJ Spice Boat Ride Plug

    ah hope my baby blue outfit will not end up as black as the white one I wore to glow. :-) see u ppl there
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    I just hear they Cancel Rudder!!!!!

    The promoters of this event has delivered time and time again. Glow & Camouflage to name a few. What ever the reason it must be legit. Right now, what took 2 weeks for artist to get their papers in order is now taking 4 months plus interrogation. We have to keep sticking together to help our...
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    Miami Carnival hotel preview

    Guys the website is not up and running yet.... but I will post the link once it is up. You will be able to view and book each resort online, buy tickets to all the fetes and email me directly with any questions or concerns.
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    yuh know where yuh from.........

    Yuh know yuh from North when: yuh not exactly sure where San Fernando is... anything after Nestle is country ......... yuh hobbies is surfing and spearfishing... yuh cyar handle pepper... yuh buy yuh driver's licence... yuh never get blank from a club... yuh father dos go Coconuts... yuh...