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    Why are trinis so ungrateful????

    My comment isn't limited to this situation. It's true that many West Indians aren't concerned with American entertainment but plenty definitely are.
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    Why are trinis so ungrateful????

    Grateful for what? Nikki doesn't pay my bills. Too many West Indians seek validation from the American entertainment realm, including you born and bred West Indians.
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    Blacks and religion

    No...stop pushing religious beliefs on others. Many may worship an image but that doesn't mean everyone else does. Some of you let some Muslims tie up yuh head.
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    Donald Trump vs The Mexican/Hispanic community.

    That's actually not true. The NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund is very active. The issue is that if certain things are not covered by the mainstream media, then people do not hear about it. In fact the only reason why you are hearing about this incident is because Donald Trump is involved...
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    Donald Trump vs The Mexican/Hispanic community.

    Not really. African-Americans have broken down those barriers that allowed the majority of us to be in this country. Plenty other ethnicities, including Mexicans, have modeled their activism after the AA community. For example, the Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund is modeled after the NAACP...
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    Afro Caribbean people - Do you feel a strong connection to Africa and Africans.

    I recognize there is a connection based on origin and cultural contributions but make no more of it than it is. I get along with most descent people, Africans included. Not sure what slow or backward way you are referring to since so many of them outpace West Indians in the U.S. and U.K...
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    Donald Trump vs The Mexican/Hispanic community.

    I see many immigrants work just as hard. Further, I see other immigrants refuse to be stagnant despite the fact that they don't speak the language upon coming here. Those immigrants don't have the luxury of having things in their own language, nor do they demand it (as a number of Mexicans and...
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    Donald Trump vs The Mexican/Hispanic community.

    Such as life. Simplistic assessment though Dede, kinda surprised that came from you. There has been wave of activism recently. Black Americans (and other people of African descent) are fighting against terrorism. Gays fought for their right to marry under the law. Asians have taken battle...
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    Fire BUN America

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    THE REAL GUYANA: Exclusive interview human trafficking and life in Guyana

    Wow, she's drop dead gorgeous. Sad interview though...
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    Those who can vote

    God. Not voting for any of those people.
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    How To Get To Heaven When You Die

    The roots of Christianity lie in the Middle East regardless. The actions of many Europeans does not change that. It makes the individuals wrong, not the doctrine itself. It is stupid to make any more of it than that when in Africa itself (East/North) lie some of Christianity's oldest roots...
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    How To Get To Heaven When You Die

    So people should let it go for the griping above? Christianity has roots in the Middle East. The problem was with individuals. However, if you choose to limit your perspective then, that's you. Be happy in your mindset and let others be happy with theirs.