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  • OMG for real long time no see. Glad to know you are alive and well. I'll check but I'm certain we are friends. Yes I peep from time to time but thank you for hailing me up I appreciate it.
    Happy Birthday Da 1 n Only Vida!!! My birthday wish for you is health, strength, wisdom and happiness.
    Everything is good with me..I will check out your boy station
    Partial lineup (additions are coming and there are a few live djs that i dont know when they on since im at work during the day..
    Monday-Friday from 9a-noon .. Supa B's morning show .. broadcasts out of "Brooklyn NY .. spinning Old School & Soca mostly
    after Supa B there are a few djs too
    Monday nights 8p-10p is VibezCamp spinning Reggae/Dancehall
    Tuesday nights 8p-10p is International DJ Spice spinning mostly soca but he love for surprise us and spin all types of music
    Wednesday nights 10p-midnite DJ Assassin spinning soca/chutney soca/ and Reggae and a bit more
    Thursday nites 8p-10p if not midnite is International DJ Tony Tempo .. Soca and EVERYTHING him drop on the speakers
    Weekend Lineup soon so keep cking for the following ;
    D'Enforcas Saturdays 6-8pm
    and coming soon DJ Spice might do up a Saturday show also!
    Listen in to http://myradiolive.com/radioplayer4.php live djs during the wk ams 9a-until? n in the evenings/nite (soca/reggae/other music) hit me up 4 info or go 2 myradiolive.com & sign up!! All the DJs are multifaceted as in they spin various music genres mostly soca/reggae/dancehall but do oldies and hiphop n rnb too!! give a listen !!
    ok cool....im just saying, sometimes it's ok to be yourself...i know u don't care what others think but, put yourself in our shoes. it's almost like u mocking the culture...
    Me too, I also like a woman who can keep me warm. Thanks.
    Just a lil bit, it snowed then melted immediately after. Nothing serious yet.. Thanks for your kind wishes.
    funny, lol .. I hope you get better too. I am feeling kinda sickish too. Maybe it's the sudden freezing weather in Toronto right now. I'm in shock!!!
    aawww, I hope you sort that out quickly. Yes, I am always behaving myself.
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