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  • I can't, I tried on my phone and no luck. I can't even check over here since anything remotely fun for us is blocked. Vacation...what's that? lol Yeah I'm planning on making an escape up north some time soon.
    Yeah I was never really interested until I would say my senior year, and then when I started dating my husband. He actually explained the game to me because I kept asking questions. lol So, I'm into it and I even talk trash at work with the Cowboys/Ravens fans. lol
    Meh *shrugs* I'm actually ok, wish I were on a vacation somewhere really. This week it's almost like the weather has tourettes, below freezing one day and then in the upper 60s. It's like give me something where it's consistently warm (not hot), and with some sunshine. I know one thing I can't wait until Sunday. I'm like the only one in my family who seems to want the 49ers to win.
    Good, the weather has been "trippy" so I can feel you. I can also feel you on the not many interesting threads. Things will change once carnival is over.
    Man you tell're just going around creeping, and then you were under the weather (hope you're feeling better by the way).
    haha! :rofl: Its a bush I've had since I've moved in. I tried a couple other varieties but none last the winter like this one.
    I wasnt around too much for summer so I didnt expand my garden like planned but I did a good crop. Couldnt eat or give it all away :( I found out kale grows really well for me and finally we had a good year for tomatoes here. Made a tons of tomato "jam" cause there was no way to eat them all before they spoiled. lol Lots of herbs too. garlic chives, green onions, thyme to get me through the winter. Strawberries did fantastic but didnt last long...not sure why though.
    poor you is right. lol
    Nah, staying here for Christmas this year - which is a change. lol I forget how much I like Christmas here so I am happy to stay this time.
    Tentatively looking at Costa Rica (did some research) for next year but really havent finalized a thing. Kinda feeling like a homebody for the next little while. Strange but true. :kicks
    How about you?
    Aie, load up on Vitamin D and C (powder form)...especially Vit D. :grin: I hardly catch colds with those 2 things in my arsenal.
    Feeling a bit distracted today so I popped on. lol
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