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    Need Name 4 Soca Track!!?

    the song is by Machel Montano
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    Whats that one song that gets you off your seat?

    Pump Me Up - Krosfyah Big Truck- Machel Faluma- Alison & Square One Focus- Fayann Lyons Togetherness- Alison & Square One Nasty- Flo PG Bottom In De Road - Iwer Carnival- Destra & Machel Workey Workey - Burning Flames Leggo Me Man
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    So U Have No Control Over Yuh 3 Year Old

    very interesting but to be honest with you the child is still young where you can train them right from wrong coming from a preschool teacher i have to deal with many situations like this. and it all leads down to is that the child has control over the parents but how did it get to that point...
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    Wondered if....

    yeah i still for the sq1 website it still down nothing new with that one..steups
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    Wondered if....

    sq1? i am disappointed in you salty!
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    Happy Birthday DJTonyTempo

    Happy birthday.... Have a Blessed one! :bydebar :bday
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    Deoriginalrudeboy's Official List of Sexy Ladies....See if you made the cut.

    rudes u does really need some work to do !
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    Alison Hinds is the Most important figure in Soca (DC Report)

    RupeeGyrl hey miss.....long time no see!!! let me not :jack ......................... ALISON.............. :fan_1:
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    Alison Hinds is the Most important figure in Soca (DC Report)

    Rock i know what u mean! I saw Alison back in May in Queens her first performance in Queens since her break and when i say that i was beyond words it is true..... i had goose bumps as soon as i saw her backstage u should of seen me i was in a daze when the woman came on stage and she did not...
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    Soca queen on a roll

    thank you
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    Soca queen on a roll

    Rummy Rummy where did you get this article from?
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    Alison Hinds-

    rudes why u always botherin' the lady? :not_i:
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    Is Allison...

    Alison had a baby girl back in May.
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    Mas on BET"s 106 & Park

    the performance was good, the costumes were nice but the interview part when the man talk like he the one and the only one who is blowing up soca music and even thinking he is the King of Soca i mean come on now that is taking it a little to far he is not the first one to try and bring soca...
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    Statement just win VOB's...

    Congratulations Statement. :music