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    Soca 2016 !?!? predictions

    I <3 Teddyson John, and Allez was one of the sweetest tunes this year.
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    Soca 2016 !?!? predictions

    It's hurting Fay Ann also. I like her new tunes, but nobody trying to hear that in a fete...maybe in my car on the way to work. I think Sekon Sta, Preedy, and Ricardo Drue are the new generation.
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    Ricardo Drue - Bet ....This Yute gonna Mash up things in 2016 !

    I've been a fan of Ricardo Drue for some time. However, he really caught my attention in 2013 with this tune. It was just too sweet to ignore
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    Trini Bias???

    Better than Machel
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    Is this forum still active or...

    It's a tragedy
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    Explaining the difference between Soca and Dancehall to someone from outside.

    But Yankees might not even know any new soca or dancehall tunes. But they will definitely remember the ones that were mentioned.
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    Divide rule and conquer...seem like it is still true here.

    I can' win...I'm done! I have to laugh at myself for even engaging in any banter with you.
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    Divide rule and conquer...seem like it is still true here.

    I am no one's alias. I don't have time or energy for internet games. I come on Imix for laughs and duscussion.
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    can y'all teach me cuss words in other languages

    I always thought chuchamadre is like saying MFer
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    Divide rule and conquer...seem like it is still true here.

    Wow! And we never get to discuss the original topic
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    Is Nicki Minaj really Trinidadian by the real definition?

    I'm pretty sure she was born in Trinidad
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    Baltimore on Fire, yet another City in America on Fire, what can be done ?

    Group economics (I know it's easier said than done) is the solution to a large part of our issues. But before we can do that we need to stop trying to segregate ourselves within the black community. Whethere you forefathers were forced immigrants, you chose to come here on your own, or your...
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    How I feel with all the cop shootings, and yes I'm black

    Because all they is skin color. No one but black people care if you're from Honduras, Trinidad,Jamaica, or Georgia. To the average white person in America, we're all n!ggers
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    Trini Juan and the Troll!

    Divide and conquer is the biggest trick in the book
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    TnT Carnival over so who am i bumping these days.........

    It has a fun, easy going vibe to it. You can't help but be in a good mood afetr hearing it