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    It's A Boy!!

    Hey Man Dat Great, Yo Congrats I Hope Mine Is A Boy.....
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    I Need Help!!!!!

    didnt the move to downtown brooklyn ????? like somewhere on dean st
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    I Need Help!!!!!

    flyers biss cards logos things of the nature
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    I Need Help!!!!!

    please people i really need the help
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    I Need Help!!!!!

    can someone please tell me the address to cheyenne designs please if u can reply on this thread or send me an email with the address to
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    Brass Fest <~I Hate It....

    i hate brass fest this year cuz out of 1000+ people i de only one who srpung an ankle now i can go to labor day jouvert imma just drive around all day BUT NO LABOR DAY WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHYYYYYYYYYYY WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :cuss :cuss
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    I Need Help.......

    How Can I Get A Flag Custome Printed With My Crew Logo On It I Dont Want De Spray Paint I Want A Printed Logo On A White Flag Can Someone Help Me Please? Thank You In Advance
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    Remember Me...........

    uhh just wanted to say that i back on de mix if anyone remember me i poped up here der and stuff i was just working on my dj sound workin hard tryna get dis equitment and thing but i just back to say hello islandmix and heres bizz card :grin: email me @ for more info
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    The Ark Last Night

    blahhhh i didnt go so i lookin towards those pic island mix o_0 certain people i talk to direcly
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    n00ner T's

    lmaooo yup i do
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    n00ner T's

    the shirt imma be wearingg :tekdat :gangsta :box :fight :devil mawwwwhahahahaaaaaaaaaaa :devil
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    Fete Info??????

    Anybody Got Any Information For The Steelie Bashment Birthday Bash???????????????????
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    I'm starting this from NOW!

    hmmm i doh need to cuz i anit going like every year smhhhhhh :::sigh:::
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    Who Is Favorite Soca Dj ?

    ..::Natural Freaks::..
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    Tummy Troubles