Welcome to The Naghini Project by Waatcher by BROADWAY

Track list

1.SkinnY & Justo -Girl You Fine by Skinny Que Ft. WAatcher
2.Waatcher - Halucination Freestyle
3.Waatcher - Thinkin Bout You.. (1)
4.Waatcher - What youve done pt. 1..13. Topic - Copy
5.Waatcher - What You've Done pt. 2 - Copy
6.Waatcher - Zone Remix
7.Waatcher - Hands On Ya Remix (Live) (1)
8.Waatcher - You Naked(Freestyle) (1)
9.Waatcher - Darling Dia(Bria) Live Remix (1)
10.Waatcher - Biding My Time(We Aint Hidin) (Freestyle)
11.Waatcher - Give Love A Try Cover (1)
12.Mother X ft. Waatcher - The Black Man (1)
13.Waatcher -Glow In The Dark - Mother X - Time (1)
14.(Bonus) Waatcher - Crazy (Original) Freestyle
15.#mamapatra BONUS - waatcher
16.@ waatcher [Josh Atherley]- DareToDream - @ waatcher - Naghini BONUS
17.Tinashe & Waatcher - Supposed To Love Me (voiceover remix)
19.Waatcher - Club Go (1)
20.WAATCHER - Plane Crash Dream Remix
21.Waatcher - Therapy Session
22.Waatcher - Voices In Your Head (Echoes)
23.Waatcher - Belfast(Climax) (1)
24.Black Tea(Bittersweet) (1)

Welcome to The Naghini Project by Waatcher


The Naghini Project by Waatcher Waatcher with two A's " as the young remix crooner exclaims is a young fresh voice from the Upstate New York area who shows strong potential of being the next big thing! ... 2 exclusive mixtapes are being expected to be released this year ; lookout! NAGHINI PROJECT EP (COMPILATION): http://mixconnect.com/listen/The+Naghini+Project+by+Waatcher-mid21464

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