Welcome to Soca To The World 2012 and 2013 Groovy Soca Mix by BAD COMPANY

Track list


1.Intro- Unkown
2.Celebrate Life- Kevon Carter
3.Blow my Whistle - Flo Rida
4.Party- Peter Ram
5.Real Love- Kes
6.Touch Me- Patrice Roberts
7.Bubble like She- Lil Rick
8.Put It On- Laza Morgan
9.Eyes On Me- Megan Walrond
10.Fling It Up- B-Roca
11.Gal Ah Bubble- Konshens
12.Wining Pose- Nutron
13.Workout- Shal Marhall
14.Look Good- JW & Blaze
15.Life Of The Party- Nebula 868
16.I Remember- Khiomal
17.I Come To Party- lorenzo
18.Pan Fusion- Allison Hinds
19.Gimme Gimme- Ms Desire
20.Rave&Wave- Wind Chaser
21.Wine Back(Bad Co.Remix)- K Rich
23.She want more Iron- Alliso Hinds
24.No Getaway- Blaxx
25.No Contest- Lil Rick
26.Crank- Peter Ram
27.Call Me Maybe(Bad Co.Soca Remix)- Carly Rae Jepsen
28.Ben Ova(Bad Co.Remix)- Olando Octave
29.Bajan To The World(Bad Co.Remix)- Peter Ram
30.Drinkin(Bad Co.Remix)- Fraud Squad
31.Baddy- Allison Hinds
32.Love Meh Carnival- Patrice RobertsFt.Problem Child
33.Minglin(Bad Co.Remix)- Farmer Nappy
34.Wine little Bit- Tony Prescot
35.Duttyness(Dutty Contrak Remix)- Blaxx
36.Love to love you(Bad Co.Remix)- Britney Spears
37.Jonesing Again- Lil Rick
38.Ah Like Mehself- Lil Rick
39.Touchless- Bungi
40.Rollin- Fya Empress
41.Fancy Thong- Swappi
42.Bring It To Me- Kes
43.25-8(Bad Co.Remix)- Lyrical
44.Oliver Twist- D'Banj
45.Life Of The Party(Bad Co.Remix)- Problem Child
46.Ah Little Wine(Bad Co.Remix)- Patrice
47.Gangnan Style(Bad Co.Rmx)- PSY
48.Come For Dat(Bad Co.Remix)- Kes
49.I wanna Party- Mr Killa
50.Shake de Ground- Zan
51.Type Of Wine(Bad Co.Remix)- Shal Marhall
52.Waistline Energy- Lil Rick
53.Cyah Bother me - Benjai&Lil Rick

Welcome to Soca To The World 2012 and 2013 Groovy Soca Mix


Soca To The World.. 2012/2013 Groovy Soca Mix, Mixed by BAD COMPANY.

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