Welcome to Konshens Street Code Mixtape 2012 by Konshens

Track list

1.Konshens - Intro (Street Code Mixtape)0.53
2.Konshens - We A Look It (Street Code Mixtape)1.41
3.Konshens - Step U Money Up (Street Code Mixtape)2.00
4.Konshens - Dont Diss Mama (Street Code Mixtape)4.16
5.Konshens - Warrior (Street Code Mixtape)4.20
6.Konshens - So Mi Tan (Street Code Mixtape)4.12
7.Konshens - Dig Dii Road (Street Code Mixtape)3.04 8.Konshens - Dem Nuh Bad (Street Code Mixtape)3.13
9.Konshens - Do Sumn (Street Code Mixtape)1.03
10.Konshens - Move To Dem Feat Suku (Street Code Mixtape)2.56
11.Konshens - Badman Settinz (Street Code Mixtape)2.04
12.Konshens - Si Mi Yah (Street Code Mixtape)2.50
13.Konshens - It Aggo Kill Dem (Street Code Mixtape)1.53
14.Konshens - Suh W Edo We Ting (Street Code Mixtape)1.54
15.Konshens - Gunshot A Fyah (Street Code Mixtape)3.19
16.Konshens - The Way Life Goes (Street Code Mixtape)2.30
17.Konshens - Tear Di Road (Street Code Mixtape)2.01
18.Konshens - Jah Love Mi (Street Code Mixtape)2.25
19.Konshens - The Lords Prayer Feat.richie Stephens (Street Code Mixtape)4.20
20.Konshens - Pop In My Headphones (Street Code Mixtape)4.43

Welcome to Konshens Street Code Mixtape 2012

by Konshens

it madd.... (zionchild)

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