Extreme Soca 2012 "The Second Coming" by DJ Extreme

Extreme Soca 2012 "The Second Coming"

Track list

  • Coming Again _ Kes The Band
    Gyal Come Nah _ Super Jigga TC
    Feeling For Wuk - Buffy
    Gih Me - Patrice Roberts & Swappi
    Bam Bam - Bunji Garlin
    Work - Nebula 868
    Pressure Waist - Tian Winter
    Surrender - Farmer Nappy
    Don't Stop Wine - Shal Marshall
    Single Forever - JMC 3Veni
    De Drinker Anthem - Rikki Jai
    Bottle Of Rum - Machel Montano
    Island Love - Madmen ft Kes & Jenna
    No Pressure - Nadia Batson
    Runaway - Kerwin Du Bois ft Bunji Garlin
    Baddist - Destra & Kerwin Du Bois
    Action - Super Jigga TC
    On The Avenue - Machel Montano
    Drink It Up - Umi Marcano
    We Found Love - Rihanna
    Precision Wine - Kes The Band
    Vibes Cyah Done - Machel Montano
    Shiver - Nadia Batson
    Bacchanalist - Kerwin Du Bois
    Garlic Sauce - All Rounder
    True Story - Benjai
    Worldz Girlz - Kes The Band
    Lookin' Good - Zan
    Time For Work - Machel Montano
    Wine Yuh Body - Shal Marshall
    Bad - Nebula868 ft Swappi
    Arrest This Party - Screws
    Up In The Air - JW & Blaze
    In Charge - Machel Montano
    We Time - JW & Blaze
    Mr. Fete - Machel Montano
    Hands Up - Shurwayne Winchester
    Block Meh - Hunter
    Pania - Destra & Rikki Jai
    Come Play Ah Mas - Kes The Band
    Head Bad-On D Road - Michelle X & Kes
    Miss Behave - Fay-Ann Lyons
    Wine It Gyal - Denise Belfon
    Making Up - Nadia Batson
    Reveling - Machel Montano
    Pump Yuh Flag - Machel Montano
    Jab(No Pain) - Iwer George
    License To WIne - Ravi B
    Hard Concrete - Hollywood Sachy
    We Love - Shurwayne Winchester
    Over Do It - JW & Blaze
    Link Up - Destra
    Solutions - Patrice Roberts
    Bucket - Swappi
    Throw Wine - Prophet Benjamin
    Pressure - Farmer Nappy
    You Make Me - Farmer Nappy
    Ah Looking - Patch
    Handle It - Blaxx & Ricochae
    Hit Mih - Blaxx
    Duttyness - Blaxx
    Wining Galore - Ricardo Drue
    Trouble - Shal Marshall
    Throw Me Out - Ricardo Drue & Edwin Yearwood
    Inside The Party - Cassi

Extreme Soca 2012 "The Second Coming"

by DJ Extreme

The Second Coming is a follow up to my first release Extreme Soca 2012. More songs, more fun... Iz time for wining!!!!! Trinidad ah coming!!!
Category: Soca
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