Welcome to Retro Calypso Soca 7 Hour Mix by Dj Floops

Track list

Part 1

Machel Montano - Too Young For Soca
Sparrow - Medley
Collin Lucas - Dollar Wine
Coalishun - Ice Cream
Shadow - Pay De Devil
Burning Flames - Nice Time
Sparrow - Ten To One
Roaring Lion - Papa Choonks
Super Blue - Get Something & Wave
Byron Lee - Soki Soki
Crazy - Paul Yuh Mudda Come
Gypsy - Sinking Ship
Red Plastic Bag - Ragga
Stalin - We Can Make it We Try
Nelson - Meh Lover
Bally - Rum & Coca Cola
Nadie La Fond - Make Love To You
Beckett - Small Pin
Roaring Lion - Netty Netty
Lord Kitchener - Gee Me D Ting(Audrey)
Burning Flames - Workey
Scrunter - Oil in The Coil
Merchant - Caribbean Connection
Krosfyah - Pump Me Up
Bally - Shaka
Baron - Tell Me Why
Square One - Aye Aye(Grind Meh)
Militant - Passion
Krosfyah - Nah Missing Meh
Singing Diane - You Gotta Give Away
Sugar Aloes - Just Being Me
Duke - Thunder
Red Plastic Bag - Formula
Johnny King - Wet Meh down
Militant - Hot and Groovy
Lord Kitchener - Sugar Bum
Shadow - Pay De Devil
Scrunter - Bachelor

Part 2

Brother Marvin - Jahaji Bhai
Mighty Trini - Curry Tabanca
Square One - Top Class Bubbler
TC - Kim
Stalin - Blackman Feeling To Party
Rocky - All Night
Nelson - Disco Daddy
Ajala - Shadow Tribute
Maximus Prime - Soca Train
Square One - turn It Around
Taxi - Johnny
Onika Bostic - All is yours
Arrow - Groove Master
Arrow - Feeling Hot
Square One - Turn It Around ( My Bad :)
Tambu - This Party Is It
Mighty Power - Ah Coming
Xtatik - Gyal Farm
Drupatee Ramgoonai - Mr. Bissessar
Ras Iley - Spring Garden
Explainer - Lorraine
Scrunter - Judith
Penguin - Soft Man
Arrow - Long Time
Arrow - O La Soca
Gabby - Government Boots
Mighty Dow - Soca Salsa
Speedy - Hold Yah bam bam
Lord Kitchener - Doctor Daughter
Dr Cassandra
Anselm Douglas - Dog
Viking - Ringa Ring Bang

Welcome to Retro Calypso Soca 7 Hour Mix

by Dj Floops

A compilation of over 6 hours of your favorite retro soca hits, not a dj mix just tune! Available in a two part download check Url 1 and Url 2. Also be sure to look out for my Road March 1956 - 2012 Compilation More available @ http://www.facebook.com/floopsdj

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