Yuh eva...


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Yuh eva talk to someone that make your skin crawl and you didn't tell them because you didn't want to hurt their feelings?....I am like that all de time....some people just make me feel so disgusted and nasty when I talk with them but I am to nice of a person to tell them how I feel.


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See that's something I can't do. I try but it doesn't work out. I always end up ignoring them and they end up tellin people I have a stink attitude and I am a b****. I don't care. Dat is dem business.


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No, I do not talk to people that make my skin crawl, because that is not a nice feeling and I will try to keep my distance. However, if is mandatory (like at work), that I have to speak to such an individual, I will say what is necessary and then be gone with the swiftness, leaving skid marks behind me.