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Chun Li

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What is some reasons people stay in a relationship that isn't going no where? How much would you tolerate before you leave?

Dougla Ting

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Some people stay because:

-In love and don't want to let go
-Don't want to be alone
-In hopes that the person/relationship will change or get better


sokah said:
What is some reasons people stay in a relationship that isn't going no where? How much would you tolerate before you leave?
for me it was meh first love, but de damn ting wasn't going nowhere for two years. I tolerate enough shi*t for them two years. I left on the next bus. But now we are friends, because that's what we were before.


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-If they really love the person they want to leave, they feel if they leave them , they'll hurt them even more
-They're comfortable with the situation, living sitaution, money situation, something other than love.
-They're afraid to be alone


definitely get too comfortable. some people can't stand change.


Why leave if the money and sex is good........My woman is ah big time lawyer in Miami


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I stayed when i was younger because my parents trusted him...Meaning he was my way to get out the house at all hours in the night. As time passed, I realized he was was too controlling, but I was used to having a boyfriend. After all the arguing I finally got rid of his sorry ass Christmas Day 1996 :) Happily single since.


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waiting for someone better to come along :D which is related to dougla and desperado's response, don't like being alone...

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Well in my case, which this applies to.......I stayed definitely because I couldn't fathom being alone....you become so emotionally and physically dependent upon that person that it is hard to imagine being without them. :(

but then...when yuh gather some blasted sense and yuh friendz and famalee see yuh slipping down the drain....they pull yuh up, yuh geh a burst of energy and yuh say i must do this lawd


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I think the biggest reason is the fear of being alone for many. Staying in an unhealthy relationship can be physically damaging. Being under constant stress is something muchworst than being alone. Many of the ailments that we suffer with today are the result of long standing stress that we endure on a daily basis. Most bad relationships will only end eventually, so don't put your health at risk for anyone, because they are no worth it.


Dawtah of the Sun
As a matter of fact I have a friend who always meets up with the same kind of guys, good guys, but there is always something wrong with them, little things. They either in for the sex, or in for the money, or in for the controlling of her and other women at the same time (if you know what I mean). So she decides to stay single. Why be in anything at all when yuh in for the same sh** over and over again. I don't blame her actually. The funny thing is that she blames her parents relationship for the downfall of her own with men. I always tell her "Gyal it takes time,you'll meet Mr. Alright eventually"


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from Personal experiences......it isoftendifficult to stay in unhealthy relationships, especially if the person is married.......sometimes you think that love will tackle it all......but it never does.........he is hardly around .......and it is diffcult and stressful.......