Why Eritreans Don't Like Ethiopians?


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It's just some, not all. Actually, an Ethiopian man i met, a quite influential individual, was saying that Eritreans are like dogs who bite the hand that feeds them. The man's hands were shaking. He was so angry when speaking about them. This was at a school luncheon. We were like...wow. That's been the only interesting experience. Why the issues? Google is your friend. Estoy cansada...


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My friend is Eritrean and the hate is mostly based on the war they had between the two sides, basically border conflic.
and he does know this already so I dont know what there is to talk about. Tribal conflict is an art form for some.
Save for a few who were born and raised in Eritrea, they wont have anything to do with Ethiopians and will cuss u if u call them one accidently.

But I find those who have grown up abroad or didnt have family directly effected by the war, they are indifferent to it all. And it depends on which part of Eritrea they were originally from as well.
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similar cultures dislike each other, its only worse when they share a border

Ghana vs Nigeria

Ethiopian vs Eritrean

PR vs DR


I plan on posting on an english speaking asian board and asking if they know why Trinis and Bajans always clashing