When you from a Big Island ...


not ur friend...
when was this ????

cause them was in trinidad on march 5th playing pan then went to st lucia after.


when was this ????

cause them was in trinidad on march 5th playing pan then went to st lucia after.
SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yooooooooo is only in jamaica dem been banna. The queen been to Guyana i think it was 2 years back but oh well only big islands huh.


rhel sweet
dem went to Montserrat and was playin dominoes wit de old ppl out in Look Out
but i guess yuh cud say 'strat is a Big Island oui
all 30 sumtn square miles of it


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the queen is still the head of state soo.

she is de head of state of Canada too ent?
Yeah, but she's more of a symbolic figure then anything else. But being a symbolic figure, I ain't feeling to special when she comes to Canada, heck, if she's the symbolic head, that means she's suppose to come. Other than being a face on my money, the British monarchy doesn't mean that much to me.


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Yeah they wanted to visit the true GEMS first before going to the war zone.
:acute: ppl who's spot is not owned by them shouldn't be talking
Oh gosh, why all yuh like 2 put down d small islands so :stop:

PA put it right, GEMS we are in truth!! :beach:
Its a love hate thing on Imix btw Big Island and you likkle ones :good:
When you're a Big Island you have your own Head of State.
:stinker: like Trinidad