What you won't do for love


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so I'm chatting on the phone with a friend again. he met this woman about 5 months ago and tings kinda deep. deep enough that he wants to prove his love to her because he is kinda known as a playboy in our circle. i suggested that he stop sleeping around on her. if he stops chasing tale and devote his love and affections to only her, it will be more than enough to win her over. he said, and i qoute, "i ain't ready fi all dat". summamabitch. he wants all her love but he can't give all of his. at least not yet?! he said that he likes her and she may be the ONE but he's also happy MEETING new people and he's not giving up his happyness at such a young age and so easily. so what won't you do for love? Do share.

Don't study it.


There is 1 thing I will NEVER do, no matter how much I love my man or how bad he wants it. Anal sex....you have to draw the line somewhere. I will not subject myself to physical pain for his love!


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I ain't changing or altering anything about me for a man. As they say "love it or leave it"

Any improvements I making is for ME.


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@ All

I notice that most of you women on this thread are quick to say what you wont do.

Some of your reasons seem valid but others seem childish.
Life is about what you ARE prepared to do, everthing else is just talk.

If the list of things you wont do for love is longer than what you will do for love. Do everyone a favour and stay single.

If you dont know what you are prepared to do, how do you think you're going to get what you want ?


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I will do almost anything for my man. But I not taking it up the ass I try that ounce and the ##### hurt or sleeping with his boys. I have tried sleeping with other woman is was fun but I don’t know if I will do that again


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Yeah, I think u gotta understand. Most of us would do most things for the person we love. The man I love lives in the West Indies and I in London, I travel over 4000 miles every 6 months to be with him and even then I normally have no idea how things are gonna be. But I love him and every time we both gotta deal with our insecurites and worries but thats life huh?

We talk about what we wouldn't do because there are soooo many things we would do, it would take forever to list, but things we wouldn't do are few and far between. Question would be, What have you ever done for love that was truely hard?!

And is a person who says "no" to something in a relationship a bad girl/ boyfriend, I don't think so.... Thats just someone who has personal strength and self respect.

Thank you

I'm done now! LOL


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My whole take is that life is too short...anything could happen to you tomorrow. Why should I limit myself? If I am in love then there is nothing that I wouldn't do...unless it compromises my health or spirituality. Live life to the fullest!!!