What Kind Of Shampoo Should I Choose To Clean My Wig?


What kind of material is your wig made of? Do you know what shampoo to choose to clean your wig? Wigs of different materials need to use corresponding shampoos. Next, I will introduce the shampoos used in different wigs.
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1. What's the best shampoo for a synthetic hair wig?
The best wig shampoos are usually sold in beauty supply stores and are specially formulated for gentle cleaning of real or synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs require special treatment because they are made of fibers, not real hair. Therefore, the formula of some wig shampoos is more like a washing powder for delicate fabrics, and some stylists recommend using a washing powder for delicate fabrics as wig shampoo. Sometimes it is recommended to soak synthetic wigs in a fabric softener.

2. What's the best shampoo for human hair Brazilian frontal lace wigs?
For a wig made of real human hair, it is similar to real hair, so you can choose to use commonly used shampoo and wig care solutions.
Of course, cleaning real human hair transparent lace wig also needs to look at the ingredients of the shampoo. Try to choose a baby shampoo or other mild shampoos. Deep cleansing shampoos should be avoided, as they will make your Burgundy bundles with closure wig lose some of its lusters.

So how to tell whether the shampoo is mild or deep cleansing? Shampoo containing the following ingredients is a mild shampoo.
(1)Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate. Its PH value is weakly acidic, and its cleaning power is relatively mild.
(2)Polyol, glycerin, various plant extracts. This ingredient nourishes the hair and makes it look smoother.
(3)Guar gum, silicone oil.This can help hair quality improve frizz and nourish softness.

Once a real human hair 40-inch bundles wig becomes disheveled or stiff, even the best wig shampoo can hardly bring it back to life. It is difficult for wigs to absorb the moisturizing ingredients in shampoo or conditioner, but deep conditioning shampoos can sometimes help to untie the tangles of the wig.
Sometimes you can extend the life of your wig by choosing the right shampoo, although many wigs will wear out very quickly anyway. How long a wig can be worn mostly depends on the quality of the wig, and shampoo only accounts for a small part.
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3. What kind of shampoo is suitable for ombre human hair wigs and curly hair wigs?
Since the syrups used in perm and hair dyeing are highly alkaline solvents, the hair will be damaged. Therefore, it is best to use neutral or weakly acidic shampoo with pH 4.5 to 5.5 for this damaged hair to neutralize the alkali. The destructive effect of the sex potion on the hair protects the elasticity of the hair. So what method is used to distinguish weak acid shampoo?

If it is an alkaline shampoo, its main components include sodium lauryl ether sodium sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate series, sodium hydroxide, and other sodium hydroxide series.

If it is a weakly acidic shampoo: its main ingredients are acetic acid series such as sodium Laureth-3 acetate and diclofenac, amino acid series such as sodium lauroyl glutamate, sodium lauryl ether sulfate, coconut oil Betaine series such as sodium acyl glutamate, cocamide propyl, betaine, etc.

Some hairstylists may suggest that you use colored shampoos or shampoos that have been chemically treated to maintain the color or curvature of your wig. But please be aware that using such shampoo may cause irreversible damage to your wig, and may even stain your lace wig. This shampoo is the least recommended.

4. How often do we need to wash our wigs?
You may use wigs less often than shampooing your hair because wigs usually do not need to be washed frequently. Excessive washing of the wig will actually make it wear faster. Even if you wear a wig every day, washing it once a week is usually sufficient.

5. How to wash the wig?
How to use wig shampoo is also very important. Coldwater is recommended because it is milder than hot water and will not cause wear and curling. Place the wig in a basin or sink filled with cold water and gently pat, and wear a hat full of shampoo, avoid scrubbing hard, otherwise, it will damage the wig. After washing the wig, gently pat dry and place it on the wig holder to dry.