Wha gwaan folks!

Uncle Wiz

Doing Something...
Hey D&L hot tings on your end??

Taj Dahlin.. I hope u been behaving :luv

Fugi.. yuh been keepin dese ppl in check? :drinks:

Dev.. Bite me.. (yes again):grin:

Niecey.. no comment! :kicks:


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well, well, well. I only seeing your through pictures online! you don't see something wrong with that scene?? :mda:

Uncle Wiz

Doing Something...
Which afterparty!! lol
I went back to Bk afterwards,, small lil barlime...

Limin.. Nah man.. it was a cello!

Mac.. here.. borrow meh binoculars... :search:

Uncle Wiz

Doing Something...
Hi disco sheets
Soca bed!! hey troublemaker!!

hey honey :luv

long time no post
for real.. i know i been mia
i have rell makin ou.. uhm.. up to do ent? lol
*holds mouth before secret jumps out*
YOU BETTAH BEHAVE!!!! :meowth:
I deh chilling! I tired ask where's Wizzy :mda: like somebody have him tie up like market crab?
well.. i never been tied like dat... :grin: