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What de France is this?

Where is the Map outlining the Boundaries of Mayaro, and the location of Police and Fire Stations, the distance to the Airport etc?

I look in the Safety Area, I don't see no Tsunami or Hurricane evacuation route.

Look nuh........If allyuh want me to Safari down dey......get some damn information up on de site.

Oh God!
If allyuh want a Proper History of de place to put on de site for school chillun to read------

-----go to page 166 of "TOWN and VILLAGES of Trinidad and Tobago" by Michael Anthony ISBN 976-8068 published in 1988 by Circle Press of Long Circular Road.

Mayaro is an Arawak word, referring to a plant which apparently grew in great profusion in the area and was important to the Arawaks-----Maya=the word for "Plant"--------Ro="the Place of"