Voted Best Hotel In The Caribbean


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In a surprise double victory, Condé Nast Traveler US readers have voted St Lucia’s Ladera not only the “Best Hotel in the Caribbean,” but gave it the highest score of any hotel in the world, ranking it the “Best of the Best” in the overall hotel category. The honor marks the first time in the 18-year history of the awards that a Caribbean hotel has appeared on the “Best of the Best” list.

The awards featured in the November issue of Condé Nast Traveler, that went on newsstands from October 25. When an intimate, 25-room, open-air hotel overlooking the St Lucian rainforest and Caribbean Sea is rated the number one property in the world, it is a confirmation that the current trend toward life changing travel experiences, and not just quick getaways, is here to stay, says the resort’s management.

Ladera opened in 1992. It is uniquely situated on a ridge at 1,100 feet overlooking the volcanic Pitons, the Caribbean Sea and the Soufrière valley. Ladera is known for its distinctive eco-lodge architecture, built with Caribbean timber and modeled on luxury tree-house living and a relaxed, barefoot lifestyle. Guestrooms were intentionally built without a fourth wall, yet were designed to be both sheltered and completely private. The design affords spectacular sunset views and unobstructed star gazing at night.

Dasheene, Ladera’s restaurant, is noted throughout the Caribbean for its innovative kitchen and creative renderings of island cuisine. Unlike many island resort restaurants, Dasheene’s menu is based on native ingredients and relies on the local bounty for its fresh, innovative take on West Indian dishes.


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Wow ... sounds like a wonderful place to stay however, from my limited knowledge of hotels in the Caribbean I am surprised the "Sandy Lane" in Barbados didn't get first prize ??


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jebratt said:
Wow ... sounds like a wonderful place to stay however, from my limited knowledge of hotels in the Caribbean I am surprised the "Sandy Lane" in Barbados didn't get first prize ??

I was expecting it to be Sandy Lane as well.
Ladera looks breath taking. I must make it there someday.
Thanks for the info S.S


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Big Up to all Lucian massive

Yeh the hotel looks rell dutty..its a gret achievement for the island that you all got the two honors..not only does this help lucia but all over the caribbean so big up :victory:


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St Lucia is very pretty...If I can't make it to the Grenadines next month...St Lucia is my next choice. I went last in 2001, hopefully I make it there in the near future.


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Soca Shane said:
yup and the price is pretty reasonable...[/QUOTE

What are the prices they charge?. It looks absolutely fabulous but I expect it costs too much for me to stay there


I have always wanted to go to St. Lucia. I hope that I can make it there in April or Aug. when I am next in Bim.


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Prices are not as much as I anticipated si I might be able to afford a couple of days for the experience of staying in such a highly recommended hotel.
yeah's really worth it to stay there even for a night or two....just breathtaking scenery all around...even the showers are slightly open air...