Video performances from Gillo, kerwin Dubois & some drunk fella called B.T.


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Stratford saturday night, Gillo performance was decent, till he thought he'd get tips for doing his male stripper routine :butcher:

Kerwin was very good although his time on stage was limited due to gillo wanting to perform his entire back catalogue :lol:

WCK were the only performers to use a live band and as a result suffered badly. The venue is best described as a huge old style theatre with all its furniture ripped out. As you can imagine the reverb that place creates is beyond imagination and at the best of times amplified music don't sound to good in dere. WCK's vocals were barely audible and the music itself was only tolerable from 60 feet back....

anyway here is some footage!

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YouTube - Soca Stratford

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:kicks boi u is real jokey and nadz laughin at d comment wid WCK!!!! its ah shame cos they got some serious tracks....!!!