unify the caribbean; do pro's outweigh the cons?


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kama brought touched based on another thread about unifying the caribbean?

do u think it will be beneficial for the caribbean to be under one government, law, trade policy, political system, etc. or to remain independent (at times interdependent) as it is now?



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It's gonna be hard to unify the Caribbean nations to one state, one government, law, trade policy, political system, etc.... It could be beneficial but it will take a very long time to get each island nation to the same point of one united national ground. I want to answer simply now, but when I get back from lunch Salt, I'll explain!lol.

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i think it would be tough to unify them under one government. look all the trouble they have on their own with setting up the governments. but i do think that an organization such as CARICOM, with more participation and policy making abilities, should really be established. For the caribbean to share its resources and knowledge with one another, would put it in a better position to compete globally


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i think it would be benefitial 4 the economy, since they can unite all products and that way they are going to have a masive exportation, there wont be the need of imports, and they will be a big income


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Yeah right , when Barbados , Jamaica & Guyana still owing Trini plenty dollars ....:D
That is because Trinidad is a horible creditor

As for unification, it should work. If Europe can have the EU and the Euro why not a unified caribbean? Should of happened long time, but to many male egos involved.


Since I was growing up I think we should unify. However it is very difficult. We need to check our mentalities first. As the others said it's possible but it will take time. I did a paper on this topic while I was in college for my International Studies class. They've been trying to do this for quite somtime, since in the 60's. First time they brought it to the table Jamaica didn't want to get involved and recently Barbados don't want to. One of the problem is that some countries don't wanna carry the other person's load/debt. Like for instance guyana owes a lot of money. Caricom is around, but that's another issue. I'll look for the paper and post it if I can find it.

I think we would be better off unitying as one. They have books on it too. Can't remember it either. Good reading material.

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won't happen. too much pride in the Windy... you can have like a Carribean council though. and have a Collective agreement that lends money in excess to suffering islands.