Trini Sex Drive


Ah middle-aged woman went to de doctor and axe for help to revive she husband sex drive. "Yuh try Viagra?" de doctor say. Nah she say. "He won't even take ah aspirin for a headache, much less a viagra pill." "No problem," de doctor say. "Drop it in he drink, he won't taste it. Try it and come back tell meh how it work out next week. " A week later, de lady come back to de doctor "Oh lord... it was terrible, just terrible doctor." What happen?", axe de doctor. "Well ah follow what yuh say and put it in he drink. De ting work right away. He jump straight up, push everyting off de table, rip off meh clothes and start tuh jam meh on top de table." "But dat is what yuh wanted... no? Was de sex not good ?" "Oh no doctor, de sex was de best ah had in 25 years, but I could never show meh face in KFC again.