Top 10 Tunes for 2002?


What is allyuh top ten tunes so far?

Run/Biting Insects-Ronnie
Carry On-Machel
Ghetto,Doh Watch Face,To Lie-Bunji
Tired of the Same thing-Bensi
Tic Toc-Slaughter
Thank You-Traffik
Fever-Ward 1 & Kevin
Carnival is Bachanal-Rocky & Ghetto Flex
Cold Pot-Traffik
Bin Lying-3 Canal
Peepin-Super P
Sting She-Double D & Riki Jai
War & Jump fuh Jah-Maximus

x( OH SHUCKS!, can't limit to ten...too much tune for 2002

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Man, that too hard. Like yuh said too much tunez for 2002. I tried to decide but i couldn't they all bad! But I must say that I haven't heard Bensi, Maximus, Bunji, or Rocky yet. But I am sure they sound good. And I just don't like Iwer's song. Sorry! So everything else on your list is fine with me.

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[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jan-17-02 AT 11:17 AM (EST)]Stranger Reach......

10.Super P - Peeping (Old but the lyrics boy, hot!)

9.Ronnie - Biting Insects (Or too much biting in sex?lol)

8.Preacher - Dulahin (Love all meh Beti's)

7.Impulse - Dhanraj (All I can say is what a blasted story)

6.Bunji - Too Lie (This Bunji chune live is sick)

5.Magadan - War (Lots points because 96 playing some sh..ty remix)

4.Machel - Carry On (I like this one wayyy better than break)

3.Sanelle - Chances (This will sneak up on Feb 11th & 12th)

2.Magadan - Jump for Jah (WOW)

1.Shadow - Those Feelings/ deh deh dumpling (Too much melody to be ignored)

Have to big up one of the funniest songs of the year Nikki Crosby - Big Enough...kix boy.

Stranger Gone.


[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jan-17-02 AT 11:47 AM (EST)]In no particular order:

Chances - Sanelle Dempster
Tic Toc - Slaughter
Break - Machel & Roger
Carry On - Machel
Bligh - Iwer (even though I really like Neil best)
Dhanraj - Impulse
Dulahin - Preacher
Trinidad - Invasion
Soca Frenzy - Surface
Wine up on she curry - Super P
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jan-17-02 AT 11:57 AM (EST)]Impossible, I here tryin to figure out how many volumes I go have for meh 2002 Soca Collection???

Anyhow I have a top 20+, but hear what I go do, I go tell allyuh d 10 songs dat does make meh go madd!

Tic Toc
Coal Pot
Carry On
War- Maga Dan rhelly doing it up. Are we going to see a new Ragga Soca King?
Over and Over
Ahead in Life-Jason from Atlantik
Dip in d salt
Our Love will never die-Ward 1
Havent Had Enough-Nicole Greaves
oh gosh I couldnt stop after 10, I could go on and on

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2 Flags - KMC
Carry On-Machel
Break - Machel
Wrong Bam Bam - Destra
Chances - Sanell
Tired of the Same thing-Bensi
Tic Toc-Slaughter
Thank You-Traffik
Fever-Ward 1 & Kevin
Carnival is Bachanal-Rocky & Ghetto Flex



:eek: i forget some we....

Treason two tune-ninja bike & Wah is de one
Machel Break
General G.- I in dat
Iwer's war tune....forget the name
Impulse's other tune
KMC's tune - House on fire (i think that's the name of the tune.)
Radioactive's tune...


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man so much tunes that i can't call all but here are my favorites

Trinidad-Naya George
Peace Party-Superblue
War and jump for Jah-Maximus Dan
Punta-Peter C
Run-Ronnie Mcintosh
Splash-Sherwayne winchester
From de ghetto/too lie-Bunji
anything by Denise Belfon
Thank you-Eddie charles and traffik
Ben lion-3 canal
dip in de salt

2002 soca-simply amazing