Spinoff from workout thread...



Ladies (with big boobies) what sports bra do you use? is it really effective? do you still suffer from that uniboob??

and what about clothes, what do you guys wear? jus the regular tracks and tee or do you walk around in yuh lil bikini sports top and short pants? :confused


smoke di herb
doh have big boobies so ah does wear regular sports bra
and ah does wear sweats or tights and ah tshirt all di time
walking round in sports bra alone is ah no no (mi child kill mi sweet stomach)so dais why ah trying to keep it flat as possible......... :kicks

Ms. Hershey

another day...
i buy sports bras from Champion, Reebok & Nike. they've got really good ones. i have D cups so i know getting a good sports bar is important. i wear mainly tees and tights or shorts in the gym. i don't go to the gym to look "cute" i go to sweat so all that pretty-pretty business is not happening.