Some Carnival Tips


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DO NOT....

1 DO NOT....Attempt to "throw waist" on ah young girl wit' ah 6' 6"
ignorant boyfren'...funeral home close up for de season.!

2 DO NOT....Drink an' drive... alcohol is ah expensive t'ing, plus uh
could spill it on de nice clothes yuh walk all over town to find ad den spen' all dat money to buy.

3 DO NOT....Feel dat de red-woman who smile an' jump wit' you in de ban' Tuesday, go even want tuh SMELL yuh on Ash Wednesday...ask she husband!

4 DO NOT....Stan' up in front of dem speakers tuh "get de vibes".. is
not ah walkman an' I eh shoutin' at nobody after Carnival.!

5 DO NOT....Buy corn soup from ah Rastaman name "Dutty".

6 DO NOT....Go to ah fete wit' shoes dat have strap... unless yuh like walkin' barefoot(dis is not ah formal occasion..use yuh sense l'il bit,

7 DO NOT....Wear white on J'ouvert morning.

8 DO NOT....Feel you is de bes' swimmer in Maracas Bay... we eh have
time tuh look for yuh till after Ash Wednesday! (AHEM!)

9 DO NOT....Argue wit' ah drunk coconut vendor because "it eh have no
jelly" man obviously know how tuh use ah cutlass! (yuh could spell 'chop' an' planass'??)

10 DO NOT....Wear ah size "Small" costume, if yuh nickname is "T'ick T'ing".



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That was funny, Cornell. I real laugh but what about some real Carnival tips like.

1. Don't walk with your wallet to fetes. When you land put your passport and ID in a safe place. Pickpockets are rampant during Carnival time.

2. Try to buy your tickets in advance, the ticket price skyrockets when you reach by the door. Example, Insomnia - they were trying to charge $400-$500 TT and that's not an all-inclusive fete. Also sometimes they sell bootleg tickets.

If anybody else have any to add, let's hear.


Actually I heard them advertising insomina on the radio in Trinidad as an all inclusive fete. I don't know but Im getting tickets early anyway