Rowley to take Jack Warner to Integrity commission

Jack is now Minister of Works and Transport but held on to his position as Vice President of FIFA. This was reported on PNM's facebook page earlier.


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The integrity commission has stated that all cabinet ministers must "divest themselves of private interests upon taking up their post"....

Lets wait an see what is done now....


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This should be interesting..........Warner is not dotish and knew this would be coming.......I am sure he have ah card to pull..........


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On its face it would seem to me that Rowley has a point.
I read somewhere else that there are other member of FIFA holding government positions in their respective it will come down to the guidelines being very specific in our laws.........



I welcome probe into my life, says Jack
Tuesday, June 8th 2010

Even from South Africa where he is on FIFA business, Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner is waging a battle against Opposition Leader, Dr Keith Rowley, who has contended that he (Warner) should not hold office in both FIFA and the Government.

’At this time, if my international office can be used to benefit Trinidad and Tobago and the citizens of this nation then so be it. I have dedicated my life to serving the people of my great land and I will continue to do that no matter what office I hold,’ Warner said in a statement yesterday.

Warner made the comment after indicating that Russian Minister of Sport, Vitaly Mutko, has pledged to assist Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean with development programmes in sport.

Mutko made the pledge to this country following an informal meeting with Warner in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sunday night.

Said Warner: ’I am in South Africa for only a short time, this pledge is entirely unexpected and I look forward to seeing how this development materialises. I am only an unexpected facilitator in this process; I will pass the mantle on to our capable Minister of Sports, Anil Roberts, to continue discussions with his Russian counterpart on this matter.

’At this time, I am listening to all this is being said about my international affiliations and I welcome all to critically examine my life. I have said it on numerous occasions I have no secrets.’


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imo Rowley should concentrate on putting the balisier back together and working with the other party to solve some of the problems in T&T. Geeze I know you're the opposition but give it a break and get some things done..not saying don't keep them in line but your only purpose is dig and discredit? Yuh have plenty time before you'll get another shot so relax and work together.