Rihanna Arrested In Berlin

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Singer RIHANNA was arrested at Berlin-Tegel Airport yesterday (16AUG05) - because she didn't have a visa to enter Germany.

The 17-year-old American star was on her way from Newark, New Jersey, to Berlin, when she was stopped by officers of the German Federal Border Guard.

Rihanna, who was born in Barbados, did not have a visa to enter Germany and had to spend two hours in custody until she was allowed into the country.

Federal Border Guard spokesman JORG KUNZENDORF says, "We checked all her documents and information and have issued a temporary visa."

And Rihanna - real name ROBIN RIHANNA FENTY - has decided the best policy is to keep her cool about the incident.

She says, "That's not worth mentioning."

The singer was in Berlin to launch her smash US single PON DE REPLAY in Germany.

17/08/2005 13:39

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Sweet Flo

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But she should not have been in that predicament in the first place....someone should have already sorted that all out....

Sweet Flo

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I mean, don't get me wrong, I like her n she can sing...but if they believe she's that hott, then why the heck they let it happen...I now would've been LIVID with my mgt cos that sh*t's embarrassing....


bajan cherry

i heart stop when i read ya title of this thread, i had to rush and see wat ya meanin cause i thought she had drugs on she, that will give me heart an attack but that aint nuffin huge. poor management is wat i will blame, but she got in and performed so she should let it rest.