REMEMBER WHEN .... lunch money edition


is meeee
I was just chatting with some friends from my prep school and we were remembering how much it costed to buy lunch and what we could get for $1.00

in 1980 $1.00 got me either a jelly donut/ banana chips / a patty and a box juice at break

after school we could get chicken and roll / pizza and a drink for $1.50

did you guys have kisco or King Kong ... (the jumbo kiscos) back in your islands.

what did you have for lunch back in the day?


in primary school...a penna cool was twenny five cents and a chow wit saltprune and mango and cherry was 75 cents. i used to get lunch from mummy then box lunch...which was boss...and free.

in sec. school, it was either a $2 pie from pie man or a chicken sandwich and a dolla juice dance1


Mommy Dearest
Well I was remembering 1$ would buy you 4 chicken wings or 2 chicken wings and french fries.

That was a treat to get hell any junk food was a damn treat to get.


i had no business buying lunch in 1980...but in 1990 $1 would only get me a chocolate chip cookie and a carton of milk. :not_i:

in 2005, $1 gets me four somosas! if you buy two juices, we could split them and share... :new_russi