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Does anyone use reel to reel anymore. My professor is showing us how to do it, but I thought everyone was using digital equipment. I just think it is a waist of time. Do you guys still use it?


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I think most reel to reels should be chucked in a corner somewhere. But many producers and engineers still swear by them. Many of the big recording studio still use them. However, they eventually transfer the data to a digital format and work with it from there.

Btw, what kind of class is this?


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Well after reading what you said, I will def. try to learn more about reel to reel. I mean it isn't hard, I guess this is like computers and hand writing. Ya can't fully rely on the computer.
I haven't actually done any digital translation yet, but are still in the process.
The class is called Radio Production, Programming, and Performance.

Thanks for the info, at least I know it isn't a waist of time.