Question on Locs!!!!!!!!!


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Ok I have locs i started in about march i have been goin faithfully to the hairdress gettin my locs comb twisted an palm rolled. well i could not afford to go this week and i dyed and washed( with a stocking cap) it my self last night. now i planning to go only about once a month or so. any advice the back of my hair is loced already, the front is so so. i need advice i am saving up for sumthin and i cannot afford to do my hair every 2 wks or so , gimme advice, or should i pull out of my savings and go get it done or wha. I am at a loss here.


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Twist it urself every two weeks. From the sound of it... there not that long so u can handle it. I used to twist my locks for myself. Now there too long.


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yuh cyah touch it up yourself, or none of your friends can't help you? buy dark & lovely's loc & twist butter and try a ting. otherwise, use exactly what your hairdresser uses and do it at home. you can indulge in the hairdresser once a month, or if you find you're good at it, every other month. i don't have locs yet, but my mother does and i know the maintenance it needs and how expensive the hairdresser can be. my sis does it for her if she doesn't go to the hairdresser. maybe you should try finding a loctician who works from home, they tend to be cheaper. ask around, if you see someone with locs, ask where they get it maintained.


The first time grew my locs..( I am on my second go around) I used to go to the shop every 4 weeks.. but as the hair started to loc I find that you can stretch it out to 6 weeks. Now that either I or a friend twist I still go 4-6 weeks... I think that 4 is better then... Ithink that to wist the roots every two weeks causes damage to the roots...


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I started my locs for myself. I use organic stimulator loc gel and twist it and pin it down for it to stay... (my hair kinda tuff still). But it depends on how u feel about u doing your own hair. It if start to lock u can handle it for oyurself. OR show a friend what to do and let them help you. It may tek a while but you'll get it.