Property Tokenization- The destined future of Real Estate business!


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Real estate investment is a common goal for at least one in ten people. For any commoner, real estate is one of the most important pillars of wealth building and securing the future of their family. Reports say that the primary real estate, family home building comprises 2/3rd of a family’s wealth. And in the modern era, with technology paving its way through almost everything in our day to day lives, and transforming businesses, how can real estate, one of the most crucial industries, be left behind?

One of the most resourceful technologies that are making a huge impact on the real estate industry is blockchain. Although blockchain is still at a relatively preliminary stage, it is already being widely explored for miscellaneous applications in real estate, out of which, the most crucial one is tokenization. So what is meant by property tokenization? Why is it an emerging trend? Let’s take a look!

Property Tokenization- A fleeting look!
Tokenization allows real estate property owners to convert their property value into digital tokens and distribute them through a blockchain platform. The tokens represent the value of an individual underlying asset or a portfolio of different assets.

Investors can purchase these tokens, and by doing so, they own partial shares of the property. This paves way for them to take part in cash flows and boost their asset value. It is up to the investor to create any number of shares they want for the property, and they can sell them through various online markets. Read further to know more -


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