Resilient B!!!!!
Fat Boy lillest daughter was coming of age. Man, the girl was looking good! Fat Boy decide that this one in gun marry any foreigner, scientist, or any other such good-for-nothing! She got to marry the bravest man in the land! So he arrange a competition by he air-conditioned pig pen behind the Gardens. He had a squad a soldiers dig a deep pond about 100 foot across and full the pond with pirai (piranha, the deadly man-eating fish). The rules wuz simple. Any man who could swim across the pond gun marry he daughter! He put a big ad in the newspapers announcing the competition for Sunday morning, 9 o' clock sharp.

Well, by 9 o' clock a big crowd already show up, everybody surrounding the pond, including Fat Boy and he daughter on the far side. The first man to try, jump in the pond and start swim. Before he could swim 20 foot the pirai eat he out. When the water clear, all you could see was he skeleton. Man, everybody was frightened!

After about 15 minutes, another banna volunteer. He walk up to the edge and plunge. Before he could hit the water, the pirai eat he out, right in mid air! Boy, well now everybody di' really frighten. Everybody just stand up wid their hands fold, looking at one another.

All of a sudden, a banna fly in the water and start swimming like hell for the other side, with a whole bunch a surprised pirai right behind he! He mek it to the other side and jump out right in front of Fat Boy and he daughter. The crowd was going wild, clapping and shouting!

But then Fat Boy daughter notice that the banna was a rasta, and she seh, "Daddy, I in wan' marry no rasta! I can't handle that i-tol food!"

Well, wha' Fat Boy gun do now, wid everybody watching?. So he seh, "Look, banna, ah gun give you anything you want if ___".

Rasta: "Anything I want? Anything I want? All I want right now is to catch the person that push me in deh!"

Source: Guyanese joke
Ahahahaha! Laughing out loud-loud-loud!