Personals Section for IslandMix


Master P

Please post your input about what you the IslandMix readers think of a Personals section being added to the website.

I think it might be a good idea, not merely for the personals, but because if word spreads that IslandMix has a personals section, this might boost the popularity of the site.

Increased popularity means increasing the chances of someone coming across the ads that are posted on the site, and increasing the probablity of folk wanting to advertise here.

All in all, it could prove to be a beneficial factor both personally, and commercially.

Pls reply with comments. If you think it is a good idea, maybe pitch the idea to Stryka via email, or whoever managers of the site.
I think incorporating a personals section is a splendid idea, Master P. I for one would check it out to see what single Caribbean cuties are out there.


Simply Being Me !!!!
while a personals section would be good there is a better way for members to hook up which has already taken effect....for one a lot of the members hang out at fetes together and from that they find out who is with who and that negates the notion of having a personals section...but perhaps for those members of the site that does not party, the personals section might help them



New member
Master P, what you are suggesting is obviously a good idea. I would say a very good idea. I hope the readers write in to endorse it.



Juss so allyuh know that I paying attention...

I bookmarked this topic... the feature sounds interesting and is doable... I'll look at some more responses on this...

Hmmm... actually... looking at the last poll... and knowing some private stats mehself... for a male... there are alot of real educated, goodlooking, single ladies on this site... with various backgrounds and ages... and we got the fellas representin' too...

I gone...