ok imix


Dawtah of the Sun
BYE babes, Have a wonderful trip and take nuff photos of some Bajan fellas for me... And I need a photo to blackmail Sugahkhayne!! LOL... Get there safely!


da sweet one
enjoy yuhself girl and be safe!

can u please bring me back 36 grains of sand :D and some sunshine pleeeeease :cool:

Cimo 2

SSS said:
SSS gine miss you all............................
Last call **Cimo begs SSS for two lass Heinekins but a stern SSS shuts him down again,that's why Cimo nevah introduced himself:p not that it matters now huh.**

you will be missed.


have a safe and funfilled trip SSS.
Tek a wine fah me.

And u getting on like weh u going u ain't got no pc/internet. I talking like ah know weh u going. Figure u going to Bim.

Have a wonderful time
Safe return.


Its in the music
Have a safe trip ...
Fete,Drink,wukup, have ah time
and bring back some music for me........
Not like last year...ah still waitin for de cd..